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by Gina Coffey and Maria Robison

Pictured:  Seze the Ferret from February storm in Kansas City, Owner Maria Robison

1.  A healthy ferret can enjoy the snow and cool weather for up to 30 minutes.

2.  Make sure your ferret is on a leash, a tunneling ferret can get away fast.

3.  Consider if your ferret likes being outside.  Some do not like snow.

4.  Signs your ferret needs to go inside and warm up are shivering, no longer playing, pawing at the door, standing on hind legs, or climbing your pant legs.

5.  Keep your ferret away from snow melting chemicals.

6.  Keep your ferret away from auto liquids on the ground.

7.  Consider the wind chill, it may shorten your play time.  Some ferrets will play and be ready to go back inside in as little as 5 minutes.

8.  Keep your ferret safe from other animals and avoid areas where dogs have done their business.

9.  Keep your ferret away from people sledding.

10.  Have a warm blanket ready to wrap your ferret in just in case, and make sure you dry them off inside when playtime is over.