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How to Find a Lost Ferret Outside


By Vikki Lager

Photo of Muffin, passed over the Rainbow Bridge in 2010, owner Maria Robison

It is important to find the ferret as fast as possible. Ferrets cannot see well to find safe places to hide when outside. They can be killed by cars, people and other animals. There is no time to lose once you know the ferret is outside. If you have any questions or need assistance, please feel free to contact us.

1. Gather some people together and have them scour the area looking and listening for movement of the ferret. If the ferret knows its name, have everyone call the ferret's name while they are looking, but listening at the same time.

2. Make sure to look along wall, curbs, fences, the sides of houses. Ferrets tend to travel along a solid barrier if possible.

3. If the ferret responds to a squeaky toy, as some do, have a few of the people squeaking toys to try and get its attention. (Everyone shouldn't be squeaking a toy, as it can be overwhelming and cause the ferret to just hide.)

4. Put carriers in the front of your home and in the back of your home with some of the bedding that has the ferret's scent on it inside the carriers. It may smell the bedding and come back.

5. Put the ferret's favorite food and/or treats, along with water, in the front and back of your home. Don't worry about other animals getting into it, just keep it out there until you find the ferret or for at least five days.

6. Publicize the loss of your ferret. Place an ad in the newspaper classified ads under Lost and Found. Post on Craigslist under Community – Lost and Found entitled ferret lost and giving a description of the ferret and the area it was lost from.

7. Call every pet rescue, animal control, humane society, pet store and vet in the area to give your information and a description of your ferret in case someone calls about finding a ferret.

8. Put up flyers throughout your neighborhood, in vets' offices, in pet stores and anywhere else you can. Offer a reward on the flyers and it will get more people looking.

9. Tell kids in your neighborhood about the missing ferret and that there is a reward if they find it.

10.  Tell the mail carrier, any delivery people (UPS & FedEx), neighborhood dog walkers and meter readers who come through your area.