Wish List

Kansas City Ferret Hotline Wish List


These are the items we are always in need of.  Thanks in advance for your donations to help us care for and resue animals.

 Liquid laundry detergent
OdoBan (Sam's Club carries it)
Paper towels
Puppy Pads
Baby Wipes
Whole frozen chickens
Scraps of vinyl flooring or peel and Stick floor tiles (for fixing cage floors)
Receiving blankets or baby buntings
Sleep sacks (we send one home with each adoptable)
Wood stove pellets (Sutherlands), Gentle Touch, or Recycled newspaper litters
White vinegar for cleaning
Small carriers

Linatone, Ferretone, olive oil, fish oil
Mother's Milk Replacer for Kittens

Quality Ferret Food
 Bravo Frozen Chubs
More volunteers (even a couple of hours a week is a big help)