Our Monthly Meetings Are Open to Volunteers!

Our Monthly Meetings are open to Volunteers!

Check the calendar for all the details!  Reach out to one of our Board Members, to get involved. 816-590-5696 for Vikki.   




Rad Cat saves the day again!!

Thank You Rad Cat for being our sponsor for our booth for the past several years for The Great KC Pet Expo!  We're looking forward to working wth Rad Cat again this year.  Check out their website here:  http://www.radfood.com/  Thank you so very much to Rad Cat!!!

You might ask why we are partnering with a cat food company.  Ferrets, like cats, are obligate carnivores, which means they must eat a diet composed of meat.  Raw feeding is very beneficial for ferrets as well as for cats, and Rad Cat produces high quality raw food.  Ferrets and cats alike love it! 

Look for our upcoming newsletter, which will have an article on the benefits of raw feeding.

Treatment of Liver Disease in Ferrets

We have successfully treated liver disease in two separate ferrets using Denamarin chewable tablets, which were recommended by one of the vets who sees our shelter ferrets.  They have done well with Denamarin for extended periods of time, during which they continued to enjoy quality life.  Not only that, but we saw immediate improvement after starting the Denamarin.    Feel free to contact Katie Carr or Vikki Lager with the Kansas City Ferret Hotline (Hotline number – 913-596-0600; Hotline email – kansascityferrethotline@gmail.com) if you would like further information.

Upcoming Volunteer Opportunities

The KC Ferret Hotline will be participating in a number of upcoming events - namely, the Kansas City Renaissance Festival Pet Fest on September 16th & 17th--Ales & Tails.

Then we will be a part of the Great KC Pet Expo on December 2nd & 3rd at the KCI Expo Center. 

These events provide a great opportunity for volunteering with the Hotline.  Volunteers at these events can help us in many ways.  We stress education, so you can help tell people about ferrets, offer them the opportunity to hold or pet ferrets. We offer information about how to adopt a ferret or get involved with helping the Hotline.  We also offer some merchandise and have baskets to raffle off.  The more volunteers we have, the better the event is!!

We will be having a couple of planning meetings prior to the events and all are welcome to attend.  If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Vikki at 816-590-5696 or email us at kansascityferrethotline@gmail.com.

You can help the Hotline when you shop - at no cost to you!

Wysong Corporation and Amazon donate a percentage of your purchases to the Hotline

The Wysong Corporation has generously offered to donate to the Hotline for purchases made by our friends and supporters

How does it work?  When you order from Wysong - http://wysong.net/ - use our shelter code - SD14101.  Wysong will donate to the Hotline 100% of the value of your first purchase and 10% of the value of each subsequent purchase you make for one year.  Please use our shelter code the next time you order!!

Amazon donates to the Hotline for purchases made by our friends and supporters

How does it work?  Make sure and go to Amazon Smile - http://smile.amazon.com/ - for your Amazon purchases.  Amazon will donate a percentage of each purchase you make to the Hotline.  And, yes, if you are an Amazon Prime member, you can still use Prime.  Please make your Amazon purchases through Amazon Smile and choose the Hotline as your preferred charity!!